Highlights from our Drive to Canada

For those of you who may not know, we live in Arizona, a state full of cacti and all the many types of animals that live inside the cacti. But we are in Canada presently which begs the question: how did we get here?I’m so glad you asked! We drove. In our minivan with our three kids through California, Oregon and Washington. It’s kind of like a road trip.But instead of loud music, there are often periods of extreme quietness if a miracle has happened and all three of our children are asleep at the same time.And…instead of being able to drive with the windows down with abandon, you have the little people in the back yelling (well, they’re not being rude…it’s just a minivan and the windows are down so they have to yell to be heard) “Daddy! Can you roll the windows up?! It’s cold!” And then you look back there and their hair is all blowing like crazy and you realize that it is actually much windier in the back than it is in the front.And then there’s the 10-month-old who isn’t afraid to let you know how he’s feeling inside by crying for our whole drive through the Redwoods.So, it’s more like a road trip–toddler style. And that is okay with us. Because we are a family. And we love each other.So, here are some highlights from our trip. Sorry, we didn’t get any pictures of the baby crying throughout the entire Redwood forest. We must have been thinking about something else… 1.  Huntington Library!It’s really only at the Huntington Library and Botanical Gardens where...


Okay, maybe it’s just ‘visitor’, but it’s still exciting all the same. My mom came out and visited a little while ago and here are some highlights of being with her and her being with the kids and the kids being happy and so on. There are these parks just by the side of the road in Vancouver and we stopped at one. Some of us ran, some of us played Grandma’s iPhone and some of us tried our best to eat the flowers. I’ll let you figure out who tried to do what. The view from the park. We went to Granville Island in Vancouver which isn’t a real island, yet feels like an island! Except without the palm trees and beaches…you know, it actually didn’t feel too much like an island. But it was fun! You see, they’re open 0900 to 1900 every day! So, that’s 9:00 to 7:00 (but, I mean, I had to count on my fingers just now because I’m not in the military and I’m not from Canada. I also don’t speak French). It is, actually, a market. with vegetable and bakeries and candy stores. It’s a very cool place to see and shop at. Is this not a proud-looking, robust bird who is likely to find a mate? Look at those colors! Hm, yeah, so I do take pictures of birds and I like them and there might be a post on them sometime in the future, for all of those who are ornithologically-inclined. Somedays are longer for three year olds than others. We also went berry picking, but that’s a post...

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