About Those Yellow Packets…


The other day, I mentioned that there’s usually some sort of something related to Papua New Guinea on Matt’s desk. This week, it’s been these yellow packets we’ve been putting together about our team’s mission to PNG for our pastors to hand out. Want to see what’s inside?


  • One TeamPNG letter signed by a representative of each family explaining who we are and what we want to do
  • One letter from our elders introducing us (not pictured)
  • One dramatic, black and white team photo with all FIFTEEN of us
  • One nine-minute DVD video of our team introduced by one of our pastors
  • A giving envelope (just in case 🙂 )

This is part of what raising support looks like for the three families on our team; sending out these yellow packets and praying for God’s will to be done–whatever that might be.

Sometimes it’s meeting with people, sometimes it’s writing emails, sometimes it’s talking to someone on the phone or having your grandparents talk to someone on your behalf. 🙂

But always, it’s trusting in God alone and not finances. Always, it’s taking heart from Revelation 5 that people from every tribe, nation, and tongue will one day surround the throne of God, worshiping Jesus Christ. God will accomplish this with or without us. But we would love to be a part of reaching just one of those tribes and tongues. And so we send yellow packets and make phone calls and write emails.

If you would like to receive one of these very special packets or would like to receive some to give to someone else, please contact us and let us know (the form says newsletter, but just explain in the message section what you’re after and we’ll get it to you :)).



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