What We Miss About Home

Make no mistake, we are glad to be in the good old BC of C (kind of like US of A…British Columbia of Canada, right?) But there are times, oh are there times, when we miss home. So, I made a list. Because I like making lists. A list of things we miss about home. If you are in here, know you are missed. If your name does not appear on this list, we still probably miss you too…unless you are the canal water that made our dog get an ear infection…twice.

Number 1: Family

We miss our family…you know who you are. We miss you very much.

Number 2: Our Church!

We’ve gone to several churches while here and they have been great. But they haven’t been home. We are grateful to God that he has blessed us with our church. We don’t have a picture because it’s not just a building, it’s the people. We miss you guys and are looking forward to doing what we came to do and coming back by God’s grace!

Number 3: Bodhi

Boasting such skills as being able to play soccer, eat half a beach towel while still staying alive, and living in the house with us earns this windswept canine the number 3 spot. She is also, without a doubt, the most photogenic dog I’ve ever seen. Seriously. Wait, I can prove it.

This isn’t just our skills as photographers, people. It’s the dog.

Bodhi just standing in the yard, free as a flower.








And I think we’re done with the pictures of the dog.

Number Four: The Heat!

Some of you might think we’re crazy. You might be reading this post with your air conditioner struggling to maintain a temperature of 78 degrees and all of your plants wilting and having to turn your car on for about 15 minutes before you put your kids in just so it will be cool enough…but, here in Canada, we maintain a temperature of about 65 degrees and we miss the heat. We also miss measuring things in Fahrenheit…but that’s another post.

So, that’s it. Sure, there are other things we miss. I miss my basil and rosemary right out front and our mailbox. I miss the food in Arizona and the hummingbird that lives in the neighbor’s tree next door and my grandparents and the monsoons and the Arizona freeways. So, I’ll close with a picture of the hummingbird from next door. His name is Harry.



  1. We miss YOU! And I love that you have a blog, and I love how it sounds exactly like the way that you talk. šŸ™‚ See you soon, friends!

  2. Ditto to Krista. And… yay that I found your blog today! And by “found” I mean that you mentioned it in your email and I thought, “What!? They have a blog? Was I supposed to know that?” And looked it up on your facebook page. Because when someone has a blog, that is where they put the address. Hence, here I am!

    • Sorry you didn’t know, Cass! I think we just assume that everyone knows. maybe we’ll send out an e-mail to small group! Thanks for reading!


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