Turns Out, What They Say About Light Sockets is True…

So, Cameron had just left for class, Benaiah and Onesimus were sleeping, and Susanna was playing in another room. Seems like an ‘under control’ type of situation, right?

All of the sudden all the lights go off, I hear a kind of  spark sound from the other room, followed by Susanna saying “AHHH”.  Look at the pictures below and see if you can put the pieces together.

One of these things is not like the other…

A couple of slight burns and a healthy dose of fear of all things three-pronged later, I told Susanna that God spared her life today and we prayed on the spot.

It was at that moment that I remembered the time when I was a kid and used to put pennies in the microwave to see the microwave make funny lights, or the time for Halloween when I wanted my eyes to glow so I broke a glow stick in half and then poured all the fluid into my eyes (I hope you’re reading, mom).  I mean, isn’t it just God’s grace that any of us make it out of childhood alive?

So, here are some lessons learned:

  1. Child hair clips are conspicuously perfect for sticking in a wall socket.
  2. Never ever, ever let any of your children out of your site–ever–not even in the other room until they turn 18.
  3. Have daily teaching lessons of the dangers of wall sockets, with a special emphasis on the relation of hair clips to wall sockets
And here’s a picture of Susanna after her run in with a light socket, just so everyone knows she is okay.


Note the smiling. That’s joy because she is still ALIVE!


  1. Here’s to parenting on the spot! I’m glad she’s ok.

  2. We found you!! I have told you before but this just again proves it. You both are such wonderfully talented writers and photo journalists!! : )
    I see several books in your future.


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