There’s a Little Caterpillar in All of us Just Waiting to Get Out

I ate a leaf today. So did Matt. Actually, Matt ate two. And not a leaf like like a piece of romaine lettuce type of leaf. No, no. A big, honest-to-goodness leaf because that, my friends, is something they eat in Korea. But I digress.

We took what I assume was our last family outing in Canada today to Golden Ears Park and it was beautiful!  The kids played in the co-o-o-l-d water and I took pictures. And THEN we saw our fellow students and dorm-mates there, our friends from Korea: YungJo, Eunae, and Shiyun!

Eunae and Shiyun

YungJo and Matt

They were there with friends and they graciously invited us to a Korean BBQ right there in the park! First of all, it was soo good! There was steak and chopsticks and rice and kimchi and fermented soup, carrots and cucumbers that you dip in this really good red paste…good food.  But, back to the leaves.

Rice, pork belly, and paste wrapped up in a palm-sized sesame leaf so that it looks like a sweet, little leaf-satchel. About two bites into it, I realized that it tasted a little bit like rice and a little bit like pork belly, but mostly like leaf. It was pretty good and really filling…I mean, I only had the one, but I felt really full after the one leaf. I don’t know how caterpillars do it…they eat so many leaves and they are so tiny!

SO, while our camera battery had just died and I didn’t get to take any picutres of the satchel of leafy-goodness, I will share other pictures we got with our sweet friends who live just down the hall and who have become very dear to us!

Onesimus…just getting his feet wet


  1. Oh! It is so good to see these pictures. It is so good to see Eunae and YungJo and Shiyun! The park is beautiful. But nothing compares to the beauty and joy in your faces. What a fun last family outing in the good ole’ B C of C. Can’t wait until next Monday!

  2. have really enjoyed reading this blog! GBC misses you but we’re thankful for the training you’re receiving and glad to hear relationships have been built. And leaves eaten.


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