The Lay of the Land

At a minimum, we walk to our teammates, the Lehman’s, house once a week. That is where the six of us gather every Sunday to sing worship songs that we actually know and where the guys take turns leading us in communion. Most weeks, Cass and I also make this walk to meet with Lorie for core questions (something like an accountability time/girls’ small group). Since the SIL Center is right across the street from the Lehman’s, we make this walk even more frequently to buy our internet tickets or top up the minutes on our Digicel phones.

Here is what that walk looks like.

View from the front door

View from the front door







This is our front yard. Once you’re outside the gate, you turn right and this is what you see:


Just to the left of the blue house ahead is where our language helper’s house lives. At the fork ahead, you go right again.


See that group of people up on the right?


This is a bet maket—basically, a little stand where people sell things. In this case—and what you find most of the time—buai (betelnut—basically a nut containing a mild stimulant that many people here chew and stains their teeth red). These people are also our neighbors; their house backs to the backside of ours. They greet the kids by name and are always friendly.


The road continues. See that curve up ahead on the left? Here is what you see when you walk around the curve.


The blue ahead is the ocean. Here it is a bit closer.


Here the real road ends and you go right along the makeshift one that runs along the nambis (beach). People are usually hanging out here, either swimming or just sitting and storying (talking).










Some of the local wildlife here.


One of the things my kids like most about living here: ‘how there are so many dogs just walking around everywhere’.


After you jump over the mini ravine there, you’re almost there! See the fences up ahead? Those belong to the SIL Center compound. That’s where we buy our internet and phone minutes. The road curves left up ahead and here is what you see.


This is the SIL Center with the gate open and Simon—our friend/handyman/husband-of-our-language-helper—is about to let one of the SIL vehicles into the compound. The managers of this center–Joe and Heather Patrick–have been so generous and kind in helping us find our feet here.


See the gray wooden fence on the right? That is the Lehman’s house.


Here it is.


And here is the SIL center.

This walk is a small, but regular part of our lives. It, like many things here, has become familiar after ten weeks of living here. We are thankful that in God’s providence, we are just a short walk away from our teammates house. God has known this walk all along and we are thankful to walk it with Him every week.



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  1. Thank you for this pictorial journey. Now, we are able to take this “small” walk with you! And praise God that He has not only known this walk all along, but the “walk” to come!


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