Coming Home

Over the past two years, there have been many tough decisions we have had to make.The decision to actually leave the US to come here.The decision of out of all the tribes in PNG in the Finisterre Mountains which five¬†we should survey.The decision of those five tribes, into which one we should move.And then thousands of smaller, important decisions regarding our time, our family, our finances, this new culture we live in the tribe…the list goes on.But the decision we made in the last few days was one of the hardest we have had to make for several reasons:-it involves our children’s health-it is based largely on probabilities and possibilities, what could be and what might never happen-it forces us to interrupt our ministry at a less-than-ideal timeAs some of you may know, two of our kids have been struggling through multiple¬†occurrences of strep throat recently. Susanna, our oldest, had it the most severe, with the last bout lasting through three weeks and two rounds of antibiotics and culminating in fevers that remained around 104 degrees for six days. Onesmius, our six-year-old, also has had strep, but the last time he got it was just six weeks from the previous time.Without being able to be properly diagnosed, the ENT we’ve been consulting with stateside has said that their symptoms point to being strep carriers and the only real remedy a tonsillectomy. Basically, there is a good chance that the strep will continue to come back, possibly putting Susanna through high fevers again (and the dangers associated therein) with no medical assistance nearby, or at the very least, continuing to...

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