My Wife the Poet

Proverbs 18:22 – “He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the Lord”

Sunday May 12th, 2013 was Cameron and I’s 8th anniversary (also Mother’s day).  I have many reasons to be thankful to my wife, both as a mother and as a wife.

As a mother she has given birth to 4 children (2 very painfully).  She has taught two of them to read and write, potty trained 3 of them, and loved all of them much.  She buys them clothes, feeds them, prays with them, reads to them, takes them (all of them) to the grocery store, and helps them when they need help.  She teaches and trains and loves our kids.

As a wife, she has loved me for these past 8 years, she has been patient with me, and she has been my greatest encourager and supporter.  She has helped me know the Lord more and see my sin more.  She is my best friend, my companion, my joking buddy, my study buddy, my wife.  As the proverb says, I have found a good thing. God has given me a good thing. I do not deserve such a beautiful, smart, perfect wife and I look forward to spending as many days as God gives us together.


Cameron wrote me a poem for our anniversary, and I wanted to share it:


“A Poem for my dear husband,

On our 8th anniversary:


I once tripped along through the valley low,

Buffeted by winds that oft did blow.

Mine eye half-fixed on that narrow, upward trend,

The light that did lead me, though ne-er did it bend,

My own feet would betray me and thusly down would I go,

And while progress is progress, mine was indeed slow.


Then at my elbow was a firm hand to lend,

Up did I look into the eyes of a friend.

He then became half-shelter, half-shepherd along my way

And was quick to redirect me, when my stumbles led us astray.


More than once was there evil that tried to beset us,

Yet again and again, naught was able to upset us.

Oft through the steep and stony steps, my heart would cry, ‘we are undone!’

But still and soft and steady, we proved two makes better than one.


With a strong hand on my back and a shoulder on which to lean,

Much from this dear companion along this way I did glean.

And while the end of this journey one day we will reach

When through both winds and wounds we at last will make a breech,

I will of course be glad to be through the foul weather,

But will always be thankful to you, dear friend, that we did it together.

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  1. Very nice! Great perspective.


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