Introducing Team PNG

Everyone, we’d like to introduce you to Team PNG!

We are, Lord willing, planning on going with Zach and Cass Cann and family and Jeremy and Lorie Lehman and family to plant a church in the Finisterre Mountains of Papua New Guinea. So, we thought we’d write a quick post allowing everyone to meet these sweet people and their families who are and will be such a big part of our lives.

Meet Zach and Cassidy Cann (and Jude!)

the canns

Zach and Cass Cann( will be leaving with us in August 2014 to go to PNG. Once there, we will together, Lord willing, find a tribe to move into, learn its language, teach them to become literate in their language, translate the Bible into said language, etc. In short, we are hoping to plant a church if God would have it in a tribe where there is no church.

We have been going to church with Cass and Zach for years and, more recently, they have been helping us lead a small group out in East Mesa. We love them!  Cass and Zach have a little boy named Jude who is 1.

So, to sum up: we’ll be moving to PNG together, moving into a tribe together, learning the tribal language together, and Zach and I will be preaching the gospel together and teaching God’s word together and translating together!

There is going to be a lot of togetherness.

Meet Jeremy and Lorie Lehman! (And Greer, Belle, and Knox!)


To make all the above possible (logistically speaking), Jeremy and Lorie Lehman and their family ( will be going out hopefully sometime in January of next year to serve as logistics coordinators.

They will have the critical job of handling many of the details involved in living in PNG such as visas and permits, and ordering supplies for us when we’re in the tribe so that we (the Canns and us) can spend our time language learning and doing all the things mentioned above.

Jeremy and Lorie also go to church with us and we have been blessed to get to know them over the past couple of years. We love them, too! They have three children: Greer, Belle and Knox.

A God Who Hears Prayers

Really, looking at this post just makes us thankful.

Years ago, Cameron and I committed to going overseas somewhere with a church-based team.

We didn’t know the place.

We had no team.

This post is evidence of a faithful God who hears and answers our prayers for His glory. Please be praying for all of us, as there is much training to do before we leave!





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