How to Get a Shopping Cart in Canada

Okay, so, as you might imagine, there is a ton of culture shock going from the US to Canada. Oh wait, no, there isn’t hardly any. But there is some. For instance, what happens when you go to the Real Canadian Superstore (not to be confused with the Fake Canadian Superstore) and this happens:

See, in America, this is a common sight. You just walk up and grab a cart. Sure, it might give you a little bit of trouble if you are like me and have arms like pencils, but they come apart. The shopping carts in America come apart.

That is where the culture shock comes in. Enter me, the unsuspecting American, trying to look as Canadian as possible. I walk up and tug on a cart. Really, a polite tug. Nothing happens. Then a two-armed pull. Still, I cannot for the life of me pry the carts apart. Canadians are walking by me and looking at me, you know, ‘Oh, there’s one of those Americans, trying to figure out the shopping carts.” I mean, by this time there is tugging and pulling and jumping, and pushing…all to no avail. Eventually, however,  I learned a Canadian secret: the secret of how to get a shopping cart in Canada.

Materials Required for this Exercise: You need a looney…and that doesn’t mean a crazy person. No, no, a looney (Canadian coin that equals a dollar).

This is a Looney!

Step 1: Insert looney into shopping cart slot and pull, thus releasing the cart from its other carts.

Step 2: Go shopping and watch how your looney never falls out. Then, to return your shopping cart, you roll up to the holding area and try to look Canadian. Then, you pick up the thingamabobber of the cart nearest you in the holding area and insert it into your cart’s thingamabobber slot and Voila! Out pops your looney!!

This is really a great idea. Not only does it strongly discourage people from stealing carts (because if they try to take one, they must take them all and THAT would be awkward), but it also strongly discourages people from ditching empty shopping carts in the middle of the store just because of a squeaky wheel.

This instills humility in the shopper and, in a lot of ways, makes the shopping cart more in control of the situation. The shopping cart becomes quite a bit more valuable this way and has much more to say about its situation. And that’s nice for the shopping cart.


  1. Oh-I miss the Real Canadian Superstore!

    • I mean, who wouldn’t?


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