Happy Canada Day!

“Canada Day” is like the 4th of July…but for Canadians! We get the day off from school which is wonderful because it’s really the first break we have had since we’ve arrived in Canada.

To celebrate, we went to the Fort Langley National Historic Center or Site or Monument or Something because it’s right down the street, admission was free, and we were feeling Canadian. Here are Susanna and Benaiah celebrating Canada Day!

And, lest you think the name is just there for fun, it is actually a fort. You see, back in the days…when everyday houses looked a lot more like Lincoln Logs, people came here and built this fort and the First Nations (read: how Canadians refer to Native Americans) helped them survive.

Here is what Canada looked like back in the days of the Fort:




Mostly, I wouldn’t say this was a ‘spectacular visit’, but that might have been because of our little friends who are not pictured here, the mosquitos. Turns out they live in the US and Canada. It was neat learning about the history of this great place called British Columbia and we all took home a little bit of Canada…


And here’s a picture of Onesimus, as he didn’t make it into any of the pictures above.

So, from all of us to all of yours…Happy Canada Day!


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  1. My favorite picture is the last One! 🙂


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