Changing Occupations

After nearly three years, I walked through the doors of General Motors today for the last time as my employer. For three years God has provided for us through GM day in and day out without fail. Thus it is the end of one occupation and the beginning of another. Today I officially traded in my skill-set as a software engineer for that of a missionary, by God’s grace.

This job itself was an answer to prayer three years ago when we left the country to study linguistics with no job to return to. And now as we leave one answered prayer (GM), we look for more answers to prayer. Prayer to be sustained financially both while we are in this country and once we leave, as well as prayer for a thousand other things unrelated to finances that have to happen in order for us to go. But God has been faithful every day of my life, and He will continue to be so. Pray for me in my new occupation, that I will be diligent, organized, and productive.

Here is a short non-exhaustive list of some of the things that will be occupying my time from now until we leave.

  • Moving out of our house
  • Raising the rest of our support
  • Gathering supplies
  • Learning how to install and maintain a solar electric system
  • Learning basic house construction
  • Taking any more training with our church as time allows
  • Packing a shipping container with everything we are bringing to Papua New Guinea
  • Finalizing Work Visas
  • Finalizing a translation philosophy

Like I said this list is not exhaustive. We are currently at 52% of our monthly support. Half way there! Will you pray with us that God provides the rest?


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