A Trip to the Zoo

From time to time on our blog, we will post something family related. Some tidbit about our lives for the purpose of getting into the habit of keeping our friends and family in the know about what we actually do.

This is one such post.

Matt had the day off work the other day so the whole Dodd clan (because, let’s face it, that’s what we’re becoming) went to the zoo!

Our strategy: try to see as many animals actually moving (as opposed to sleeping or laying down) as possible. And try to avoid the animals who have such a small, sad cage that really all they can do is pace back and forth contemplating exactly how small their confines actually are(I’m looking at you, jaguar).

Exhibit A: Getting fired up!


The pre-zoo shenanigans. Chocolate, tickling, smiling way too hard, you get the idea…

Exhibit B: The Petting Zoo


Or, as the zoo folks call it, Harmony Farm. And by “farm”, they mean “goats”. Because, really, there were only goats there. Overstimulated, traumatized goats who are really, really good with kids.


Mary was so excited to see the goats. Calm down, Mary. Sheesh.


Exhibit C: Camel Time


Now, here is an animal that belongs in this zoo. Arizona is a desert. And camels are well-suited for the desert. I never feel bad when I see camels at the zoo. Here we all are!

Who knows? Maybe one day we’ll post from the zoo in Papua New Guinea! There probably won’t be as many camels, though.


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