A Birthday Wish for My Mom

When leaving your homeland, there are some people who are harder to say goodbye to than others.

My mom is one of those people—followed closely by the rest of my family. The reason for that is because she is more than a mother to me—she is my sister in Christ and my friend. She is one of the most patient, loving, and joyful people I know. And today is her birthday.

To celebrate the fact that God gave her life, and because I am not able to hug her in person today, I made this video. She hasn’t gotten to be with us these past six months; hasn’t gotten to see many smiles and joys that have been a part of us moving to the other side of the world. So I thought I would show her just a fraction of those for her birthday.

Did it take a couple days to make. Yes.

Did it take three hours to upload? Yes.

Was it worth it? Absolutely.

Happy Birthday, Mom.

I love you and am blessed by you everyday.



  1. So much love….from my heart to yours!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I know it was for your Mom but it was also for all of us whom God had placed your family upon our hearts. May God continue to bless the desires of your hearts to serve Him with your lives.

  3. I know this is feedback time for the Dodds, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DIANE 🙂

    I could have easily teared up myself watching that beautifully written/produced slideshow. Thank you, Cameron and Diane, for sharing your story of love and sacrifice with me!


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